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Clean DXF Export Plugin for CorelDraw 12, X3, X4, and now X5!

The DXFTool Standard Edition 1.11.1 is the VERY best way to export DXF files from CorelDRAW for CNC, Laser, Plasma Vinyl and Accu-Bend work. A real boon to sign makers since text never needs to be converted to curves and the DXF file that is made consists of BEAUTIFUL arcs and lines that give the very best performance from your equipment.

Download DXFTool Standard 1.11.1 and demo FREE for 30 days or 30 exports.

DXF Tool Standard Edition License $59.95 



There are several example drawings that are installed with the DXFTool.  They can all be found in the folder C:DxfToolStd

All of these screencaps were taken from CorelDRAW running a CorelDRAW based DXF visualizer.  This tool displays LINE segments in BLUE and ARC segments in RED.  The segments are separated by small WHITE dots so you can see what the DXF file really contains.

‘Circle.cdr’ is the simple circle used in the Introduction and Quick Start.

Here is the original image:
Here is the image made by the DXF file that was exported using CorelDRAW X4 and the R11 DXF filter:

Here is the image made by the DXF file that was exported using the DXFTool Standard Edition:
Note that the CorelDRAW DXF file is 9858 bytes and the DxfTool Standard Edition DXF file is 851 bytes. 

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