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Here at Plasma Route CNC we not only make CNC Plasma Cutters and Precision
CNC Router Tables, but we also make a wide variety of specialty tube and pipe
cutting machines. We start off with making a CNC tube cutting attachment that bolts
on to all of our CNC Tables. Then we go to stand alone machines designed to cut only round
pipe, to other machines that cut 3-D images into round wood columns. Our machines
are even capable of carving 3-D images into Fireplace Mantels.

The “Mac-Daddy” of all tube and pipe cutting machines is unquestionably
the TubeMaster 2400. This machine cuts round, square, and even rectangular tubing.
With such versatile capabilities, there is no telling what we might come up with next!



Our stand alone Sabertooth CNC Pipe Cutter.

With this unit you can cut from 1.5″ tubing to 10″ tubing or pipe. Cut anything from pipe
saddles to fishmouths or any type of hole you can imagine. You can even cut lettering
to make signs out of your pipes. Put this machine together with the proper size plasma
torch and you have a workhorse for all you tube processing needs.

While cutting your pieces the pipe rotates in a trough that has roller bearings to carry
the weight of the pipe. As the pieces cut, the trough retains the cut piece keeping it from
hitting the floor.

This machine comes ready to cut 8ft lengths of pipe. We have a model that will cut
10ft lengths of pipe or tubing. The rotary table adjusts to the proper height depending
on what size pipe you are going to cut.  We can manufacture this machine to cut any
lenght of pipe that you require.  Call us today for a custom quote!


RotaryMaster Tube Cutting Side Attachment

Our direct drive, geared rotary table boasts a 3-jaw self-centering chuck for positive grip. This gives you the flexibility to cut ROUND STOCK, for up to 8″diameter pipe and 10″ on larger models. Our Tube Cutting System lets you easily switch from cutting sheet stock to tube cutting: No need to take apart your table or unbolt your Z-drive. With optional 5th Gecko drive and required electronics you also will not have to unplug or switch any wires. Just insert your stock, push a few buttons and you’re all set!
Extended Gantries are required on all series of tables. If you are thinking you might want a tubecutter attachment one day, then you should have your table built with the Extended Gantry.

This Extended Gantry Kit includes:
·Rotary Table
·3-Jaw Self-Centering Chuck
·Stepper Motor
·Bearing support stands to hold end of stock
·Round Stock Software Plugin for Mach3

Hornet CNC WoodCarver

This machine is quit unique as it features a tale stock like you would find on any large wood lathe.  The tale stock has a track that it can slide in down the entire length of the table to be able to mount long columns of wood up to 15 inches in diameter.  You can mount from something a short as 1 ft all the way to 10ft long.  Now you can V-carve any type of signage into wood columns all the way to doing full 3-D relief carvings.

Then when you are ready to machine large thick fireplace mantels, you just slide the talistock to the end of the table track, drop in a few 2×2 cross bars and load you fireplace mantel to start carving your masterpiece.  Vector Art 3-D has specialized art packages just for specialty projects such as fireplace mantels and doors.  Check it out on our software links page.



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TubeMaster 2400

This machine is different than the rest of our tube and pipe cutting machines in that it not only cuts round pipe and tubing, but will also process square and rectangle stock up to 4″.  It has an independent 4 jaw chuck holds the pipe and this machine actually pushes and pulls the tubing back and forth instead of the torch moving in the long Y axis direction.  The benefit of this is that it has the ability to cut small pieces of tubing and after the cut process is over the part just falls off into a basket underneath. The specially written software allows easy programming to go from round cutting to square profile cutting.  With just a few clicks of the buttons, you are calibrated and ready to cut.

The machine also comes with a magazine rack that allows about 6 pieces of pipe up to 24 ft long to be stored until ready for the next piece.  When ready, it is as easy as pushing the pipe into the center of the machine where the 3 electric lift stations are located. From there, the stations will lift the pipe to the proper centerline so that the cutting process can begin. The lift stations can be operated manually through the Mach3 software where you can activate one at a time or all three at once. 

Our tube and pipe cutting machines are uniquely designed to provide a range of benefits you won’t find in other machines on the market.

Save precious shop space and your hard earned money.

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