Blaze HD Water Table

Our Most Affordable CNC Plasma Table

If you are looking for the most affordable CNC Plasma Table on the market, look no further. . The Blaze HD offers a complete turnkey plasma cutter table package and includes a CNC plasma table, computer, software, artwork package, along with a plasma torch.

What’s New about the Blaze HD CNC Plasma Cutter?

We have redesigned the Blaze to be a heavier-duty table, with bigger motors, higher-resolution belt reduction transmissions, a stouter gantry beam, a deeper water table, and more capabilities as a CNC Router Table vs. previous Blaze models.  We can outfit this table with either a Thermadyne plasma torch or we also can supply a Hypertherm plasma torch of your preference.

Blaze HD CNC Plasma Cutter Table

w/Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 52 (60Amp Max, with hand torch)

Upgrade your Blaze HD Package with a Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster A40 (60Amp Max, with Machine Torch)

 Make it a Plasma/Router Combo!  Add a Milwaukee 3.5 hp router to the mix and now you have a Cnc Router tables as heavy duty as our large machines with all of the same capabilities, but yet in a smaller footprint.

ADD a Milwaukee 3.5hp Router + Heavy Duty Z-Drive (Includes Mount + MDF “sacrificial” table top)

Other upgrade options available, call for details!

Blaze HD Affordable CNC Plasma Cutter


Blaze HD package includes

  • Cutting Area: 49″ x 49″
  • Digital Auto Torch Height
    Control is included.
  • Water Table is included.
  • Simple Assembly – Saves on Shipping!
  • Gantry is fully assembled and tested.
  • Simply bolt on the legs, install the fully assembled and wired Gantry, plug everything in, and get started.
  • V-Groove Wheel Guide System.
  • Fully functional Z Axis with 4″ travel
  • Transmissions increase torque (2,880 oz. per motor) and resolution.
  • Options of Powder Coating or Hardened Epoxy Coating.
  • Floating Head Touch-Off Assembly for automatic Z zeroing.
  • Torch breakaways as optional add on.
  • Dual drives on Y Axis.
  • 600oz Nema 34 Stepper Motors
  • 4.8:1 Belt Reduction transmissions.
  • Blaze HD CNC Plasma Table
  • Digital Auto Torch Height Control
  • Computer system w/17″ flat panel monitor, keyboard & mouse
  • Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 52 (other models available, prices vary)
  • Drawing software for drawing parts, tracing shapes, V-Carving, and 3D Machining — Replaces $1000 worth of software!ArtCam Express software for drawing shapes, V-carving, and 3D Machining
  • SheetCam for toolpaths
  • Mach 3 controller software
  • Art package of ready to cut files, $500 value


Our affordable CNC machines and routers are uniquely designed to provide a range of benefits you won’t find in other machines on the market.

Save precious shop space and your hard earned money.

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