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CNC Plasma Cutter line and CNC router table designed from the ground up to bring you powerful, high-resolution routing and plasma cutting capabilities in one affordable table. Simply attach your existing plasma torch (or one of ours) to our table, and instantly upgrade the precision and quality of your plasma cutting system. Remove the plasma cutter and attach a router to the same table, and you’ve got a heavy duty CNC router table of unequaled quality.

The only true Combo CNC Cutting System


Blaze HD CNC Plasma Table


The Blaze goes HEAVY DUTY


Complete Turnkey Plasma Cutting Machine with Everything you need to get started with your new CNC Plasma cutting business.Comes with CNC Table, Computer, Software, Art Work Package, and Plasma Torch.
Prices Starting as Low as:

If you supply your own Plasma Torch.

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Checkout this article about us and ArtCam Express in Sign Builder Illustrated.



Look at the Type of Signs you can do Too!

Look what one of our customers did with just a little imagination and a few hours of work.  He transformed some steel into a very elaborate Multi-Dimensional Sign for his local American Legion. As you can see here there is about 8 layers of different thicknesses of steel making up this Ond-of-a-Kind Sign. You will not find your local Sign Company to be able to produce a project like this.  Most Sign companies are only use to working with Sign Foam, Aluminum and Vinyl. Notice the dome shape to it, just like a police badge. This sign is aprox. 4ft by 4ft, and what a piece!  I am sure his American Legion post is very proud of their sign, you can do the same.

So whether you need to use our machine as a CNC Router Table or a CNC Plasma Table to make signs, you get the best of both worlds in just ONE Machine!


Check out our new Plate Marker Attachment-$1895




Our Plasma Cutters are uniquely designed to provide a range of benefits you won’t find anywhere else in the market today.

Save precious shop space and your hard earned money.



  • Dual-designed tables that handle plasma cutters as well as large routers & spindles
  • High-resolution belt reduction drives for fine detail and smooth edges
  • Fully welded heavy steel frames to reduce vibration and increase durability
  • Super heavy-duty Z drive to accommodate heavy routers
  • Open-ended architecture for compatibility with any CAD/CAM software
  • Optional remote control with 25ft. cable for ease of use and additional control options
  • Custom-designed machines available, such as dual z-drive models and special sizes


All of our plasma cutting tables are designed from the ground up with one thing in mind: To bring you powerful, high-resolution routing and plasma cutting capability all in one affordable machine. If you want the best plasma cutter for your dollar, check out all of the advantages that our tables can offer. Save precious shop space and your hard-earned money—Choose PlasmaRoute CNC!


PlasmaRoute Versatility:


You’ll find that most CNC plasma cutters are not designed to handle large router motors and spindles, and most CNC router tables don’t even offer the option of converting to plasma.  Other brands just don’t offer the same versatility as PlasmaRoute CNC!


●Our optional Conversion Kits make it easy to convert your PlasmaRoute table from router to plasma and vice versa within a matter of minutes.

●CNC Plasma Cutter & Router automation is one of the smartest moves a company can make. After all, every advantage makes a difference in the bottom line. PlasmaRoute CNC is the smart choice for your CNC automation needs.

●Make sure you check out our new rotary cutting system. This allows you to cut steel pipe from 1′ all the way up to 8″ diameter. It does not use rubber bands like other systems out on the market today. Rather, we use heavy duty machine shop type chucks that provide positive clamping for the tubing.

●If you are looking for something different, our Rotary System also allows you to cut square stock. So, if you are interested in putting square post into your rotary cutter and doing full 3-D routing, now you can do it. You can do 2.5-D V-Carving too.

At PlasmaRoute CNC, the possibilities are endless!  Contact us today with any questions on CNC Plasma Cutting Machines and Systems.


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ZR 4800 CNC Plasma Cutter

ZR 4800 CNC Plasma Cutter